Minitree PP Feeding Bottle With Handle (150ml)

Regular – Neck Feeding Bottle (0% BPA)
The natural taste, bilge gas
Environmental Printing ink, non-toxic
High temperature disinfection, will not release toxic substances


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  1. Before use every time, completely clean and disinfect the feeding bottle; after use every time, immediately clean, dry and keep clean.
  2. Before use every time, pull the nipple towards every direction; for any deformation and damage, please immediately replace it.
  3. Do not place it under sunshine or near hot source for a long time; or immerse it in the disinfectant too long to damage nipple. Keep it in dry place and far away from the fire resource.

Selection Guidance Of Nipple Aperture
Due to different growth stages, baby’s food intake and speed are also changed accordingly. Please refer to the nipple aperture specification below and choose suitable nipple for baby.

Warm Tips 
For different principles, only cross hole nipple can be selected to match with automatic pipette.


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