Smartbaby Glass Feeding Bottle With Handle & Safe Guard Cover (240ml)

Standard Caliber Double Handle Crystal Diamond Glass Bottles.
Full – bodied crystal thoroughly more safety and health.


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Product Material
The bottle is made of high borosilicate glass, its heat resistance to chemical attack ability, and very low thermal expansion
coefficient, so it is of good thermal shock, safety performance is greatly increased. The bottle transparency high, hard smooth well,
no seams, easier to clean.

Breast Milk Pacifier
Simulation breast nipple, more thick and soft, made back to feed the company.

Automatic Suction
Automatic suction tube design, break traditional bottle with high pumping mode, any posture can suck freely. Plus, use rise more convenient.

Lovely Handle
Special sculpt the handle design, feel and comfortable holding ability, willingness to learn to be independent and to stimulate the baby more firmly grasp.





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