Woodcraft 3D Construction Kit

Improve your children’s knowledge.

DL-203 House | DL-204 House | DL-245 Hummer Jeep | DL-268 Pink House | DL-269 Bridge | DL-213 Car | DL-251 Ellie House | DL-207 Helicopter


  • 3D Wooden Puzzle.
  • Improve Children’s Knowledge.
  • Educational Puzzle.
  • Size- 21 cm X 17 cm (Before Fixed)
  • Size Can be Vary After Fixed.



DL-203 House, DL-204 House, DL-245 Hummer Jeep, DL-268 Pink House, DL-269 Bridge, DL-213 Car, DL-251 Ellie House, DL-207 Helicopter


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